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Seventeen Restaurant and Sushi Bar is
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Kosher Miami

Served under strict Kosher Miami supervision, we are Cholov Yisroel Kosher Dairy Restaurant, combining the freshest fish and vegetables. We offer a great taste of Gourmet Italian meals along with the most Prestigious Sushi Bar in Miami.

Favorite Destination

We invite YOU to join us and witness why more and more people make Seventeen Restaurant their favorite stop in Miami Beach, come as a customer and leave as a friend; we know how valuable our customers are and we show it in every meal!

Mission Statement

Independently owned and operated, 17 continually raises the bar and sets the standard for high quality cuisine, creating one of the top Kosher Sushi restaurants by providing consistently fresh, innovative, healthy foods using only the finest ingredients.

When dining at our restaurant, it’s always good to have something crisp and refreshing to cleanse your palate. To that end, order up a Kanisu roll! This roll is a classic Japanese complement to any proper sushi meal. Essentially, Kanisu is a rice-less cucumber roll made with tuna, salmon and avocado, lightly pickled in a vinegar-based dressing.

One of the best ways to enjoy tuna is flash seared, with a zingy Asian dressing, like in this Seared Tataki. It is a simple way to bring the lure of the ocean to the dinner table – quickly seared tuna, to retain that gorgeous texture and beautiful color. You have to eat each piece with a little bit of each element, bringing all the layers of flavor together.

Experience this Kosher rice-less roll with Latino twist topped with freshly cut cilantro and lightly drizzled with Japanese spicy citrus sauce. Fresh salmon along with lightly seared juicy salmon on top, Haas avocado paired with cream cheese and Kani crab salad will leave you speechless and craving for more of that unique and exotic Miami flavor.