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South Beach : 305 672 0565 North Miami : 305 454 9100

It is not a South Beach typical Sushi Bar

South Beach 17 restaurant Sushi is not a south beach typical sushi bar. This cool restaurant is serving the freshest sushi in south beach. For every two sushi orders, you get the third one free. Last month partners Matias invited me to sample a few dishes. From that day on I am having sushi lunch every Friday.
The Shushi bar delivers a very active catering service great seating area.
Matias and his crew run the 17 Restaurant Sushi while Carlos and other master chefs prepared a few dishes for other guests and us. “South Beach is the hottest place in the country. Our prices are not. We are known as the Sushi bar for the local neighborhood.”

Carlos came over with a test a crab salad. It was exceptional. The crab salad was fresh, stringy with a punch in the end. You must try it.
As Matias and I chatted, Carlos prepared a sushi Tune roll. He had meticulously filled and rolled the ingredients, slice it into sushi pieces, arrange it on a black plate and served us. The Tuna pieces we big, it was a pleasure bite. You feel the soft texture of the fresh Tuna, the delicate seasoning.

Having finished the Tuna sushi roll, I watched Matias prepared the Red Snapper Wine and herb dish. Fresh light red snapper cooked with herbs and served with slices of potato. I looked at the guest eating it. He left the plate empty.

“Japan and Italy have great food.” Said Matias “We’re not a straight-up sushi place,” you will find on the menu Pizza, Pasta, Fish, Sushi with a master chef for each station.

Next up, Carlos went to work creating a Popcorn Shrimp Salad. The tartness of the irradiance offset the delicate spices and was an excellent accompaniment to the Popcorn Shrimp. I was full, but the look and smell made me test. It was sushi test delight.
If I have to say one thing about 17 restaurants I have to say; “what get you coming back is the smell and test of quality and freshness.
17 restaurant is KM Miami; it obeys strict laws of high authority.
Give them a visit. Order two sushi orders and get the third one free.

Find Seventeen Restaurant and Sushi Bar at 1710 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139; phone: (305) 672-0565
If you are in North Miami visit
Seventeen Restaurant and Sushi Bar 1129 NE 163rd St, North Miami (305) 454-9100.

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