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Sushi In South Beach Miami

Sushi can be incredibly healthy meal because it includes seafood that contains a high-quality protein. However, choosing the wrong dish and you could end up with a Shushi lunch or dinner that is high in carbs with little or no vegetables.

Is Eating Sushi Healthy?
Sushi is a light meal with a source of healthy protein. Tuna roll, salmon roll or rainbow rolls, can have 20 grams of protein.
I visited the sushi in south beach Miami and spoke to Carlos, the sushi chef who seems to be very knowledgeable about the health benefit of Sushi.
“The omega-3 fatty acids found in fish help the cardiovascular health. Also, Sushi anti-inflammatory compound plays a role in brain function. Choose salmon roll or tuna roll are contributors of omega-3 fatty acids. Said the Sushi chef at the south beach Sushi.
The nutritional benefit differs from a Tuna roll to a Salmon roll, and from restaurant to restaurant, said Carlos. Some restaurant serves sushi rolls with a significant amount of sodium. In the sushi in south beach Miami we use little to no sodium because we only serve the fresh Sushi.

For example, we found in one popular Miami sushi restaurant a lobster shrimp roll with 1,020 milligrams of sodium. If the upper intake limit for sodium is 2,300 milligrams a day eating one lobster shrimp roll milligrams of sodium is more than half of the daily consumption. In the sushi in south beach Miami, and North Miami we are very careful with the amount of salt we use. It causes a high blood pressure and other health conditions. We concentrate of fresh and the highest quality fish so we can serve the very best to our loyal clients.

South Beach Lunch

For lunch ordering sashimi (cuts of high-quality raw fish without the rice may be a better choice.
The south beach offices love to order sashimi for lunch from 17 restaurant sushi in south beach Miami. They get an injection of pure energy in mid-day. Ordering sashimi avoids carbs which make people sleepy.

Last but very important make sure the sushi you eat is clean and made by a skilled sushi chef. Ordering or eating sushi in south beach Miami 17 restaurant your test buds will experience a party of freshness; your brain will get the full benefit of Omega 3. Our Mission is Buy the best, prepare the best and deliver the best Sushi.

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